Sports Turf Consultancy

Is your facility up to your standards? 

Brad and his team work with a diverse range of clients to ensure sports facilities are constructed and maintained to meet international standards and the clients expectations with financially sustainable solutions.

Our maintenance programs start from an on-site consultation to full operational oversight.



Existing facilities

  • Auditing and benchmarking
  • Turf management advice and planning
  • Tournament preparation advice and agronomic consulting
  • Soil and water analysis interpretations
  • Maintenance team development
  • Operational and capital expenditure budget creation and review
  • Creation of Course Quality Objectives

new develpoments

  • Site evaluation
  • Quality control
  • Turfgrass selection advice
  • Irrigation planning and design
  • Turf grow-in programs
  • Maintenance team training
  • Maintenance facility planning
  • Budget review


  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Creation of Job Descriptions
  • Maintenance team training
  • Operational and capital expenditure budget formulation
  • Manning budget recommendations
  • Creation of Course Quality Objectives
  • Maintenance facility planning