Benchmarking and Performance Testing

Passionate about obtaining the best possible playing surfaces consistently, Brad employs the latest methods and technology in data collection to allow Nikanti Golf Club to set desired target ranges for green speed, firmness, volumetric water content, infiltration rate, thatch depth, root depth and clipping yield. With this data, Brad can make the right decisions which have resulted in some of the highest quality and most consistent playing surfaces in the country while maintaining a healthy plant and soil through intelligent agronomic practices.


Water Conservation - Irrigation Construction and Design

During his time at The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Brad worked with Jim Schumacher of Aqua Turf International to design a new irrigation system to replace the existing 25 year old system. The new design utilised HDPE piping and over 1500 sprinkler heads allowing staff to water more accurately and reduce wastage. As the course was fully floodlit for night golf, the design incorporated decoders at each light tower to allow the floodlights to be efficiently operated by the central control computer, which saw huge savings in labour and electrical costs.

At Nikanti Golf Club, Brad again teamed up with Schumacher to develop a long range plan to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the irrigation system as well as securing a second irrigation water source. The plan included a new design around all greens complexes, individual head control across the course, new mainlines in select locations and the installation of a new 3000gpm pump station. As a result, the playing surfaces have improved dramatically through accurate irrigation, the watering window was reduced by 50% allowing irrigation to be performed in off-peak times saving electrical costs, all irrigation can be scheduled at night, not disturbing golfers and reducing wastage from evaporation.


Construction and Grow In

Brad Revill has successfully managed irrigation system installation, drainage, construction and grow in projects on every surface from tee to green using both cool and warm season grasses as well synthetic surfaces. At Nikanti Golf Club he and his team have completed the first stage of a project to reshape the bunkers and replace the drainage which has resulted in improved playability and reduced maintenance costs.

The installation of over 4000m of sub-surface drainage into Nikanti's fairways was the first stage in the plan to improve playability and resolve some agronomical issues in the soil. Stage 2 will see a further 5000m installed in the fairways and rough.

Over 900mm of rain fell in just 7 days on the Niklaus designed course at The Empire Hotel & Country Club which caused severe erosion to the creek bank beside the 16th tee and the slope behind 10 green. Working with local engineering and earth moving company TSL Construction, Brad oversaw the design and construction efforts to stabilise the creek banks and strengthen them against any further rainfall events.


Managed by Brad Revill

The above images include photographs of Nikanti Golf Club, the golf course and landscape at The Empire Hotel and Country Club and Charlotte Country Club, all of which were managed and maintained by Brad Revill.


Tournament Experience

Brad Revill has extensive tournament preparation experience for the PGA, European Tour and Japan Tour organisations in 3 different countries working with both cool and warm season grasses. He has the ability to keep cool under pressure while overcoming obstacles and achieving world class playing surfaces for some of the worlds best players.