How Can We Help?

Would you like to turn your golf course or property into something truly special?

We specialise in turning good into GREAT. 

  • Turf grass consultancy

  • Turfgrass soil chemical and physical analysis

  • Irrigation water suitability tests

  • Auditing and benchmarking of elite sports venues

  • Turf selection and installation advice

  • Soil nutritional and physical test interpretations

  • Irrigation water quality test recommendations

  • Golf course management

  • Nutritional and cultural programs

  • Turf maintenance training

  • Mentoring and coaching services

  • Environmental compliance

  • Landscape consultancy and design

  • Budget reviews and advice

Get in contact with us or speak to Brad Revill directly on +66 97 180 9916 to find out what we can do for you.


Sports turf consultancy

Is your facility not up to your standards? 

Brad and his team work with a diverse range of clients to ensure sports facilities are constructed and maintained to meet international standards and the clients expectations with financially sustainable solutions.

Our maintenance programs start from an on-site consultation to full operational oversight.


Turf performance evaluations and benchmarking

Do you want to improve consistency and playability at your facility?

From the various performance data collected, we can tailor a set of Course Performance Objectives (CPO) for your individual golf course or sporting facilities needs. 

Whether it be for a professional tournament or daily play, the CPO's take into account the unique design attributes and golfing profile, aiming to consistently present the playing surfaces to the highest standard while also providing a fair test of golf.

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Analytical services

BRT is pleased to offer the full analytical services of Brookside Laboratories to the turf industry in the Asia Pacific region. Brookside is the only laboratory in the world offering complete agricultural/turf, environmental, accredited (ISO 17025) geotechnical testing and soil health testing services.


environmental compliance services

Looking to improve your facilities green footprint? 

Brad and his team can perform environmental compliance audits, assist you in the creation of a customised environmental management plan or guide you through the Audubon International program to be recognised as a Certified Audubon Co-operative Sanctuary, with international recognition for your environmental initiatives.


team development

BRT provides practical training, coaching and mentoring and advice on succession planning and guidance through leadership transitions. 

BRT can assist the leadership of your maintenance team reach their full potential with 1 on 1 coaching in leadership and management, agronomy, human resources and financial management. 

Improve the skillset of your maintenance team with practical skills and knowledge training in the areas of machinery operation, turf management, irrigation and chemical and fertiliser application.