Auditing & Benchmarking

Do you want to improve consistency and playability at your facility?

From the various performance data collected, we can tailor a set of Course Performance Objectives (CPO) for your individual golf course or sporting facilities needs. 

Whether it be for a professional tournament or daily play, the CPO's take into account the unique design attributes and golfing profile, aiming to consistently present the playing surfaces to the highest standard while also providing a fair test of golf.


Golf course performance evaluation

  • Define the vision for the golf course and property
  • Collection and evaluation of turf health and performance data
  • Identify any presence of weeds, pests and diseases
  • Evaluation of the irrigation system
  • Evaluation of the turf maintenance facility
  • Course, clubhouse and/or hotel landscape evaluation
Catch Can Test.png


  • Irrigation performance
  • Environmental compliance
  • Maintenance facility and workshop Safety